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Information Protection Managers

In 2009, $60 billion was lost and 35.6 million consumer records were exposed due to security breaches contributing to almost ten million new identity theft victims annually.  For these and many other reasons, federal and state governments are taking a stance.  New privacy and consumer protection laws have created the need for program managers (referred to as Information Protection Managers) to protect employee and consumer information held by these agencies.  

Information protection is the current concern among consumers, governments and business.  Although larger firms/companies require fulltime IPM’s, smaller organizations require an IPM to compliment additional skill sets such as human resources, marketing, legal, IT, security, purchasing or any other position. 

Becoming an IPM is the perfect skill to become more valuable to an employer.  Educate yourself with all the information on our website and then speak to your employer about enrollment in our Information Protection Manager training program.

If you’re unemployed and seeking a means to separate yourself from the many equally qualified candidates applying for the same position, becoming an IPM could help you close the deal on your next interview.   

Our service doesn’t’ stop when the class is over.  We actively promote and refer graduates of our Information Protection Manager training program to our clients for hiring consideration.               

The current federal stimulus package has included funding for employment training which you may qualify for.  A letter of intent to hire from a prospective employer may be required to receive assistance.  

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